At Iberorent Apartments we offer full management for the rental of your apartment, with many advantages:

High profits
Through an efficient management of the short- and medium-stay rental, we are able to increase earnings in comparison to conventional rentals. Iberorent Aparments provides you the precise tools to maximize your profits.

Direct and personalized attention
In Iberorent Apartments we are aware of the fact that all our owners are different, and therefore, we treat each case in particular. We offer each owner a different formula to work with us, based on his/her expectations, needs and the characteristics of the apartment. A good commercial relationship is based on communication and trust among the parties, and therefore, we look for people who share this idea.

Apartment control and maintenance
It is essential to know each apartment perfectly, in order to provide a complete service to customers and owners. An apartment has an endless amount of elements, such as shut-off cocks, boilers, locks, domestic appliances etc. that Iberorent Apartment tries to be aware of, watch and maintain throughout the year.

Check-in and check-out
In Iberorent Apartments, we receive the customer in the apartment itself for check-in. This allows us to properly show the customer how the apartment functions and thus avoid any misunderstandings that may disturb the neighbours. In many cases, some people give the keys outside the apartment, but we believe that this practice would lessen the quality of our service.  

24 hour customer service
We offer a 24 hour telephone service to clients and owners, in order to solve any need or doubt as soon as possible.

We provide the owners with our experience in order to get the best of his/her apartment. We offer advice about anything regarding: decoration, remodelling, procedures, taxation...

Cleaning service, bed and bath linen

A good management of the cleaning service is the key to make holiday rentals profitable. During high season, it is necessary to have the apartment ready few a hours after the customers have left, so that we don't lose a single rent day.
We equip the apartments with our bed and bath linen, making cleaning and laundry service easier.
Besides, we provide a cleaning kit and care products to each booking as a courtesy. We work with a professional cleaning company, which knows our apartments perfectly well and keeps them always clean.

Availability of your apartment
The owner will be able to enjoy his/her apartment and block the date that he/she wishes, unless there is already a booking confirmed for those days.

No time commitment
The owner will be able to end his/her commercial relationship with Iberorent Apartments whenever he/she wishes. The only obligation is to respect any bookings that have already been made to date.

If you are interested in working with Iberorent Apartments, don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone:
Email:  info@iberorentapartments.com
Telephone number: (+34) 943 433 193  


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